A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud PBX

Communication remains crucial when it comes to growing a business, which is why new technology such as Cloud PBX promises to make communicating with employees and customers easier.

While the industry has already come a long way from fax machines, pagers and antiquated landlines, cloud pbx brings communication to the next level, allowing for easier connections anytime and anywhere.

While there are many benefits to cloud-based phone systems, we know switching to a new phone system often triggers stress about downtime and huge costs. However, once you understand how these systems can help your business, you will feel less overwhelmed and more confident in making the switch.

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What is cloud PBX?

Often referred to as hosted PBX, cloud PBX is a cloud-based private branch exchange that enables people to make phone calls over an internet connection.

Instead of using physical phone systems — which would require expensive hardware and numerous phone numbers for each department and employee — cloud PBX has made the calling process easier by hosting its services over an internet connection. Offering cost-efficient flexibility, businesses are now able to handle all of their calls from one place while retaining the same phone number. 

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How can cloud PBX benefit your business?

As well as decreasing the amount of hardware needed, cloud PBX offers a number of benefits including dependability, flexibility and additional business phone features.

Too often, unexpected power outages can stop a company’s productivity in its tracks, causing them to lose out on time, money and sometimes, valuable data. Fortunately, with a cloud-based calling solution, you can rest assured knowing your information is safe during even the most unexpected situations.

Unlike traditional landlines, cloud PBX offers more than just calling services. It also provides built-in VoIP features that are designed to help your business and improve your customer’s overall experience. This can include anything from call queues and faxes to voicemails and personalized auto attendants. By providing these services, your customers will be able to connect with you quickly and feel they’ve had a personalized experience.

One of the many downfalls of traditional phone systems is the need for regular maintenance and updates. With cloud-based calling services, you can rely on your telecom provider to keep your systems running and updated with the latest software.

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