Survivable Networks

The team at Heritage Telecom knows firsthand that business owners — and Boy Scouts — must always be prepared! From downed power lines to weather-related outages, your company’s network survivability needs to be rock solid.

Access to the internet remains a necessity for most businesses — and the ability to maintain a strong connection at all times drives efficiency, productivity and the bottom line.

Without a reliable backup internet service, a simple power outage affects profits and can last an unknown amount of time. Fortunately, with our SD-WAN solution, you will be able to maintain business continuity even when there is a serious internet outage in your area.

Even your phone traffic can be transferred to a backup connection.

Our communication networks are built with numerous redundancies to prevent your business from losing valuable information. By creating an outage-resilient network, our experts can design your system with multiple servers to avoid any interruptions. You will have peace of mind knowing your data is safe and will be transferred to a backup server in the event of an outage. With our affordable 4G backup internet services, you’ll be able to have a quality internet connection so you can continue running your business.

For more information about network survivability from the experts at Heritage Telecom, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.465.5001.