Cloud PBX | Hosted Private Branch Exchange

As more companies turn to online or remote work, a reliable hosted PBX phone system remains vital to the functionality and reliability of your business communications.

Now, with the cloud PBX technology from Heritage Telecom, you can seamlessly stay in touch with your employees and customers — from virtually anywhere.

Known in the industry as a private branch exchange, our hosted PBX enables businesses to communicate over an internet connection — without the hassle of needing multiple phone systems or PBX equipment at your location. 

With high-speed access and reliability, this cloud-based calling solution offers a number of services that will help your business operate more efficiently and allow you to answer calls from just about anywhere and on any device. Whether you’re working from your desktop at the office or your mobile device on the go, our hosted phone system is designed to help you stay connected with your business whenever and wherever.

Typical office phone systems can easily be interrupted by unexpected power outages, system updates and other unforeseen problems that can quickly ruin a productive work day. With our affordable cloud PBX services, you can rest assured knowing your system is safe from outages and kept updated with the latest software.

Every business operates differently, but the need to keep your information secure remains the same. Fortunately, our hosted PBX solutions add an extra layer of security to your communication devices so that you can work from anywhere on any device without having to divulge personal information.

The built-in VoIP features are designed to help improve your customer’s overall experience. From personalized auto attendants to voicemails, call queues, faxes and more, you’ll be able to respond to customer’s quickly and without the fear of dropped calls or missed messages.

For more information about hosted PBX phone systems from the experts at Heritage Telecom, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.465.5001.