Grand Rapids Phone Services

Since every business has a unique set of needs, Heritage Telecom proudly offers customizable Grand Rapids phone services designed to meet demands of any size business.

Whether you are looking to get started with UCaaS, need to meet specific communication requirements for your growing company or want to strengthen your security, our customized solutions have you covered.

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Cloud PBX Services

As more companies turn to online or remote work, a reliable hosted PBX phone system remains vital to the functionality and reliability of your business communications.

Known in the industry as a private branch exchange, our hosted PBX enables businesses to communicate over an internet connection — without the hassle of needing multiple phone systems or PBX equipment at your location. Learn more about our cloud PBX services here.

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Unified Communications

Known in the industry as Unified Communications as a Service, UCaaS offers business owners and employees the opportunity to remain connected across multiple devices and channels without skipping a beat.

From desk phones to softphones to voice and SMS, our reliable and secure UCaaS enables you to receive all of your calls and messages through the same system. Learn more about our unified communications here.

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Survivable Networks

Without a reliable backup internet service, a simple power outage can take a tremendous toll on your company’s profits and can last an unknown amount of time as you wait for power to get restored. 

Fortunately, with our survivable networks, you will be able to maintain business continuity while staying in touch with your employees and keeping your customers happy. Learn more about our survivable networks here.

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In the healthcare field, it’s crucial to not only be easily available to your patients but to your fellow providers.

That’s why our high-quality phone systems are designed to help providers operate seamlessly across various communication channels while ensuring the overall network you operate on is protected. Learn more about our HIPAA-compliant phone system here.

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Network Security

As technology continues to rapidly change and become more complex, protecting your private information with up-to-date network security remains more crucial than ever. Designed to encrypt many forms of communication, our transport layer security services offer a number of ways to keep your data protected and prevent hackers from gaining access to valuable information.

With the evolution in VoIP technology, we can also provide TLS encryption for all calls, if you require it.  Learn more about our network security here.

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CRM Integration

It’s no secret that using a customer relationship management system can be incredibly beneficial to your company. The ability to seamlessly gather data to help you learn more about your customers remains invaluable.

However, the type of CRM software you use greatly affects the efficiency and results you need. Fortunately, we offer CRM integration to help you increase your productivity while eliminating wasteful processes. Learn more about our CRM integration here.

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For more information about Grand Rapids telecom services from the experts at Heritage Telecom, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.465.5001.