Network Security

As technology continues to rapidly change and become more complex, protecting your private information with up-to-date network security remains more crucial than ever.

Invading someone’s network has moved well past password leaks and phishing emails. It can be done by just about anyone, anytime — and anywhere in the world. Fortunately, the team at Heritage Telecom can implement a state-of-the-art network security system with TLS protocol to safeguard your information.

No matter your industry, your secure network must safeguard not only your company info and intellectual property, but financial, employee, customer and supplier info as well. From company passwords and credit card numbers or private messages between colleagues or clients, it’s important to ensure security across the board.

Designed to encrypt many forms of communication, our transport layer security services offer a number of ways to keep your data protected and prevent hackers from gaining access to valuable information. With the evolution in VoIP technology, we can also provide TLS encryption for all calls, if you require it.

By providing your business with TLS protocol, we can ensure your information is accessed only by those who are authorized. 

For more information about network security from the experts at Heritage Telecom, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.465.5001.