CRM Integration

When managing your customer data becomes stressful and inefficient, you can count on the CRM integration services from Heritage Telecom to streamline the process and help you stay connected.

It’s no secret that using a customer relationship management system can be incredibly beneficial to your company. The ability to seamlessly gather data to help you learn more about your customers remains invaluable. However, the type of CRM software you use greatly affects the efficiency and results you need. Fortunately, we offer CRM integration to help you increase your productivity while eliminating wasteful processes.

Our CRM integration services enable you to merge your business phone system with your CRM system so you can manage your customer data easier. With this integration, you will know everything about your phone calls wherever they occur.

Many basic CRM systems keep track of your customer data, but require you to constantly be transferring customer information from one system to another. Whether it’s an email list, sales information or other equally important details, transferring information takes time and leaves your business vulnerable to data loss.

With our reliable CRM integration services, you can seamlessly log phone calls made through your new phones using your existing CRM system. From managing new leads to staying in touch with your most valued customers, you’ll be able to track your company’s progress while using your new phones without missing a beat.

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